Wednesday, April 14, 2010

As we showed in our last post- We love our stripe wall in our living room, and are sad to leave it behind when we move. But the people who will be renting our apartment after us love the stripes so much, they asked us to not paint over them. We plan to do some sort of stripe pattern in our new house.  Heres a quick how-to on painting easy stripes-

First off we decided we wanted to make the stripes all different sizes. So we painted 3 white stripes going down the wall. As you can see we were overly neat with this step.

Next step was slightly more time consuming, we measured out the spacing we wanted between stripes and then used a level to make sure our tape was nice and straight. (this part was Chris' thing)

We had some help with the next step (Thanks Ashley!!,Chris' sister) We painted within each taped section with four different Grays. 

Finished! This was a fun easy way to add some drama to a large wall. We also picked up the large artwork by Angelo Cavalli at Ikea. 

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