Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Over the past few days alone, I (Kristen) have been shopping A LOT. It seems that every time you get back home from shopping for supplies you realize what you forgot, or what you actually went to the store for. So we have been making daily runs to many stores (Sometimes 2x a day!) Here are the stores we have been to a number a times the past few days and will probably be 100x more. 

Ikea  ----Great for cheap furniture,inspiration, lighting, and they have great $1 ice cream!

Target ----Outdoor gardening supplies, decorating, Some basic home improvement supplies that are cheap

Home Depot ----Obviously home improvement supplies, Electric supplies seem to cheaper here

Lowes ---- Home improvement supplies, Gardening and plants are a good price here.

Ace Hardware ---- Benjamin Moore Paints (great palette)

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