Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yes really. Back in May we tested out a few Flowers. Neither of us have any growing experience. We didnt know how this was really going to work. We didnt invest very much money -$75 for the flowers, 20 bags of top soil, and some love. I (Kristen) have pretty much have been caring for the flowers in the front garden. To our surprise the flowers are growing out of control. Maybe its my magic touch, maybe its the every day watering, maybe its the 90 degree weather we have been having in NY this June. We just dont know. But one thing is clear...If the flowers keep growing at this rate, we may have a jungle on our hands.

Cosmos- It seems every day there are new flowers blooming, One is prettier then the next!
Alyssum- These little groupings were individual, but became one large bunch. They smell sooo good.
Nicotiana- When these were planted they had maybe three flowers on them. They are so large now, some have up to 40 flowers!
Garden overview- This photo doesnt even show the large amount of flowers! 
This shows the Cosmos height!
Added bonus- We apparently have a Rose bush that has produced a large amount of luscious Roses on the side of the house.
This shows the height of the Cosmos- I am not the tallest (5'2") But they are up to my mid waist! Sorry for the night time photo, we just happened to have the camera 

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