Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Well maybe just the ceiling. The living room ceiling wasn't in the greatest shape.
Kristen trying to repair Livingroom ceiling
There was water damage, no lights, and about four layers of paint
We didnt plan on taking the ceiling down. We even tried to repair it. The ceiling had been up since 1946, and had enough paint to prove it. The new kitchen ceiling looked so nice (so did the high hats) that we started to get this feeling (Kristen did, Chris not so much) that we should just go for it. Because honestly when are we ever going to want to do this again? Taking the ceiling down is a big decision due to the fact it creates a total mess, cost more money(around $200 for those of you in the market for a new ceiling/running electric), new insulation has to be replaced and more wiring needs to be done. Oh and did we say it creates a total mess?
Well Chris finally changed his mind.... and while Kristen was at work the ceiling came down :-)
This is the mess it creates. 
This is the garbage it creates.
This is the beauty it creates! We have lights!

P.S. If anyone is in the market for high hats... They sell 6 packs of a whole kit. Its much cheaper than buying them individually. Home depot $59 for a contractor six pack!


  1. I just checked out your blog today...I LOVE IT!! So great to be able to see everything your doing to the house- can't wait to see it in person =) See you tomorrow! XO Diane

  2. Are you tracking howmany labor hours your investing for each area your working on?