Friday, July 9, 2010

We originally didnt plan on redoing the kitchen. We were going to paint the cabinets and "live" with them for a few years. However that plan changed soon after we moved in. The kitchen wasnt in the best shape, and in order to do some major plumbing we were going to have to open the kitchen wall up ( the wall behind the cabinets) to get to the pipes. So we ended up redoing the kitchen. Here are some updates on the kitchen. We started here Kitchen sneak peak

Kitchen before- Please note the washer is the box in the corner!

Kitchen Demo-

Kitchen with new plumbing-

Kitchen with new sheet rock-(old fridge)

Fun day of sanding the sheetrock-

Ikea Cabinets- Yes they come in boxes, yes they have to put together and yes this is not all of them.

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