Monday, August 16, 2010

We have done a few posts about our front garden HERE and HERE
When we looked at the house, it was the day after a snow storm in February, so we actually had no idea what the front garden looked like. 

We had a pretty clean slate- lots of weeds and some shrubs that needed to be moved but this is what we started with.
We cleaned out the weeds and transplanted the shrubs to new locations and bought a few new ones.
We had some help from Judy and Dan too!

We also bought some flowers and some new bricks

We had some help from Kyle (Kristen's Cousin) and we made a new flower bed.

20 bags of soil, 80+ bricks, some flowers and a REALLY hot is the front of the house-

Next spring all of our focus will be  on the backyard.. we have some grand plans for back there!

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