Monday, August 23, 2010

House mission #1: Bathroom  (The only room without major demo!!!)

Mission statement: Make the the bathroom look the best we can without putting new tiles up, new sink or toilet.

How many hours: Its hard to tell, at one point we had four people in the bathroom working on different things (Mind you its a very small space) However we did hit a few snags that held us up for a few days.

What was learned: We must be realistic about time, We thought the bathroom was going to be done in one day, start to finish. Well we were wrong. Kristen learned how to put a new handle on a toilet and Chris learned how to do some basic plumbing. 

Inspiration: We wanted to go for a soothing neutral look, mixing textures and patterns while still using some of our old stuff from our apartment bathroom. We also are on a brushed Nickel kick so we brought that into the bathroom as well. 

Big question..HOW MUCH?: We didnt set a budget, but we did watch our money.For a grand total of $528.40...keep in mind a lot of that was Plumbing/shower head stuff!

Splurge: Bathroom Faucet $79.00

There was a nice 1970s disco mirror
Shower glass doors
White paint
Old shower and sink fixtures

Paint color: Valsper- Au Lait Ole
Accessories: Thomas O'brien for Target

Hope you like!

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