Sunday, August 15, 2010

This weekend we were able to check a lot off our list. One big accomplishment was finishing the wood floor and painting in the dining room. You will also be able to see the french doors!! 

Dining room about six weeks ago-

Sorry for the low quality photos- We Wanted to show what we accomplished without breaking out the camera- so the phone was the best option. 

We Loooovee the floors and the french door!!
Things still to do in the dining room- Molding, Chair rail (hence the sloppy brown paint line), New light, and of course furniture!! 

Here is a another fun before and after of the dining room-

The dining room used to be the master bedroom with Red carpet. The door way into the bedroom is on the right hand side. The door on the left used to be a closet. We knocked the closet down, along with the closet behind and next to it and made a laundry room. Wait till you see those photos!
So this is now the same wall.

Hope you like it as much as we do! We will being putting up some more exciting photos this week! We have a lot to show!
Come back and visit!

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