Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oscar our dog is many things- loving, passionate , a barker, and also dirty. Well sometimes. We are actually very lucky because Oscar LOVES water. We actually have to lock him out of the bathroom so he doesn't jump in the shower! So bath time is an easy activity.

Since moving into the house Oscar has been spending a lot more time outside (He never had a yard before). We are finding that he needs a bath more often. We are also finding he brings some unwanted dirt into the house.

The culprit

Yesterday, on Apartment Therapy they offered these tips to keep your house and dog clean and happy:

Clean dogs = clean carpets: Bathing your dogs regularly can keep that dog smell out of your carpets. Keeping up with brushing avoids clumps of hair all over the house as well.
Wipe their paws: Paw prints running across your room just aren't cute. Wipe your dog's paws each time they come in from outdoors and you'll be amazed at the reduction in traffic dirt around the house.
Try club soda: For small stains, club soda can work well: after soaking the stain with soda water take towels and blot (don't rub!) until the stain is gone.
Borax to the rescue: Mix one part borax with two parts baking soda or cornstartch. Clean up the mess as well as you can with a towel then apply the borax mixture. Let stand for one hour then vacuum it up.
Let the enzymes take care of the spot: After a dreaded "accident" use a natural enzyme product to clean up the spot.
Buy natural, uncolored food: Dog food that has color added can stain your carpet should it come back up the wrong way. Avoid stains by getting food without any added color.
Vacuum regularly: Not only does frequent vacuuming extend the life of your carpet it removes dirt avoiding getting grime ground into the pile.

What we use:

Happy Cleaning!!

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