Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mission statement: Lets make one of the four bedrooms into a dining room

How many hours:

Taking down the wall 1 day
Sheet rock process 3 days
Repairing the ceiling 1 day
Painting/wall prep 1 day
Floor 1 day
Molding 1/2 day
French Door 1/2 day
Total= 8 days
What was learned: We learned to knock down, frame out and close up walls. There were two door ways - one for a closet and one for the original doorway into what was the bedroom.
Inspiration: Pottery Barn. We loooove the dining rooms at )ottery Barn; they mix new with old so well. We are going for a modern/traditional look while also taking our love of wine and bringing that into the mix.

Big question..HOW MUCH?: French door- $300, Paint- $50, Wall/ceiling- $100
(We didn't count the molding or floor into the amount)
Splurge: French Door WE LOVE IT! so does Oscar! It makes the room so bright.

BEFORE:It was a bedroom! with two windows, a closet, a door way, Red carpet.

After: We took the wall down, removed window added french doors, Chair rail, Crown Molding, Hard wood floors, Ceiling light and Four outlets.

Crazy right? We are so happy we have a dining room now! We are ready to have some fancy dinner parties!

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