Sunday, November 21, 2010

The kitchen!!!

Mission #3: The Kitchen

Mission Statement: Painting the kitchen cabinets was the first plan, but our plan changed fast. New plan- New cabinets, appliances, new ceiling, new lighting. YES IT WAS INTENSE.

How many hours: We lost count. It actually didn't take that long. The longest part was the sanding and waiting for the oil line to be to be moved (That we didnt do ourselves). We also had help from a friend of the family, Rob and Chris' Mom. 

What we learned: Everything is a give and take. We had to sacrifice some things we wanted because of money/its a small kitchen. Chris learned plumbing big time. Kristen learned to tile.

Inspiration: Ikea. Yep we love it.

How much??!?:Ikea is awesome. If you install the kitchen yourself its pretty cheap. (The cabinets and fixtures were about $1200, But beware that means you have to put the whole thing together yourself. The kitchen comes in a box. Appliances were about $1000. Tiles for the backsplash were $200. Tiles for the floor were around $400. Granite tile counter top was around $300. We also had to replace a wall, put in a new ceiling, high hats and of course paint. The kitchen was around $4,500. Not bad for a brand new kitchen!

Old wood Cabinets
Very small appliances
THE WASHER was in the kitchen
No counter space/no lights, no outlets
The wall with paneling- was just a sheet a paneling!


 Pretty Crazy huh?It didn't happen over night- We will soon post some "during" pictures. Those are pretty crazy too!

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