Friday, April 29, 2011 came up with a list of 10 items you can live without. We wanted to see how many we actually do not use or maybe wont use in the future. Heres where we stand.

1. Plastic wrap...dont use! We actually hate it! 
2. Plastic food bags...use! Not many, but we are trying to cut back and we do reuse 
3. Trash bags- use! average 1-2 a week. our trash can is pretty small too- 13 gallons. 
4. Paper towels- Ugh Chris is obsessed with paper towels. I do force him to use a kitchen towel, and he is getting better.
5. Hair Dryer- dont use! We both have short hair!
6. Microwave- use! But we did buy and energy efficient one.
7. Coffee Maker- Dont use! we are tea people.. does making tea use less energy???
8. Dishwasher- Use! honestly I would get rid of everything else on this list and just keep this. 
9. Television- Use kinda. We dont have cable and watch a lot on our computers/ipad.. hey that counts for something right??
10. Garbage disposal- Dont have. 

4 out of 10. I think we could do better. I think we can use less paper towels and try to not use plastic food bags at all. The rest are going to be difficult.

Here are some "Green" things we do-
-Reusable bags when shopping
-Energy efficient appliances
-Energy efficient doors
-Low VOC paint
-Got Chris to kick his water bottle habit by installing a WATER FILTER

How do you add up?

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