Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Now that its Spring we are super motivated to start working on projects again and also do some Spring cleaning! (Did someone say Garage sale??) But before we start doing some new organization and cleaning, there is one BIG project we need to finish. Our bedroom. Our bedroom is the only room in the house that is exactly the same since we moved in. Literally there are still boxes!! We moved in almost a year ago. It is time. 

Our bedroom was lacking a few things- 

Ceiling lights
Color (the walls are white)
A closet

Here is a photo of our bedroom before we moved in:

This is a picture of the doorway into our bedroom- Basically where Dan (Kristen's Step Dad) is standing is where we wanted the closet.

First day of building the closet- Taking up the carpet and taking down the molding
The little door is the access to our crawl space. That will be within the closet now.

Framing out the closet- It is deep enough to have walk in and also to still have access to the crawl space. Chris worked on wiring the closet so there would be a light in it. There is also a thermostat that was going to have to be moved, so it was not in the closet.

Hanging the sheet rock

First coat of spackle.

We are currently waiting for the spackle to dry...Two more coats and then..PAINT!!

Bedroom inspiration post coming soon!


  1. LOOKS GREAT! We will be hiring you and chris as our contractors when we buy a house, paid in wine and booze aaaaaaaaaand PBA cards.

  2. Your grandfather would be proud!!! Great job!