Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We are one month in with our veggie garden. ITS OUT OF CONTROL.

Tomatoes: Doing well. Just starting to show little tomatoes.

String Beans: First signs of full beans. Will be ready to harvest within 5-7 days

Herbs: Doing well, except for the Cilantro. Its been wilting and doesnt look very happy. Here are pictures of the basil and flat parsley. We have been loving having fresh herbs.

Cucumbers: Slowly taking over the whole garden and slowly attacking the side of the house. We didn't realize they would attach themselves to EVERYTHING. If you look at the picture above of the overall garden you will see that the cucumbers are pulling down our cable line. Shortly after this picture we took on the cucumbers and put lattice fencing behind it. 

Brussel Sprouts: Again another veggie taking over the garden. We final had to take control of this bad boy and place it in a hoop like contraption. It was slowly stealing all the sun from all the other plants and herbs. Not sure if we will be planting these next year.

Peppers: No photo, there hasn't been any huge change since we planted them. Maybe next week we will start to see some more growth.

Overall the garden is pretty easy and exciting.  We have already learned a bunch. 1. Consider where you are going to plant the cucumbers. 2. We love the herbs and are going to try to do many more next year. Maybe a whole 4' x4' garden of herbs next year!

In other news. We are slowly making some exciting new changes to our blog. You may notice some new fonts and layout changes. We are working on some even more changes in the next few weeks. Stay tuned. The blog is in need of some freshness.

Chris and Kris

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