Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July...one day late.

Over the July 4th weekend we had a small BBQ with our friends and family. Here are some of the highlights-

Main: Burger bar with all the fixings- Bacon, avocado, pickles etc.
Homemade BBQ chicken.
Sides: Potato salad and whole wheat pasta with fresh tomatoes and basil.
Dessert: Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting

Unfortunately we had some rain so we had to move the burger bar inside

Overview of the table, before food. We took left over drop cloth paper we had laying around, and I (Kristen) painted circles around the bowls and wrote the names of each topping in blue paint. 
 Overview of  table when all the toppings were in their place. Only thing missing is the BBQ chicken..that was round 2.


 Some other photos from the day:
Lanterns from Ikea.. of course.

Chris and Kris

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