Thursday, July 22, 2010

So the cabinets are installed...and looking lovely. But we have a couple of other issues...
  1. We currently don't have a sink.
  2. We don't have a countertop.
We priced a few slabs out (butcher block, granite, formica to name a few) and they either weren't what we were looking for or way out of our budget. So we decided to build our own! We
found some beautiful black granite tiles that we are going to make into our countertop for a fraction of the price of a granite slab. But thats getting ahead of ourselves.

First thing's first, lets frame out the top of the cabinets so we can install the plywood. For this, I used some 1x3's and some extra sheetrock screws I had.

You'll also notice that we had to do some customizing for the corner sink. The cabinet wasn't designed to hold the type of sink we bought, so we had to make some cuts and frame it out on our own. It actually turned out sturdier than when we began.

Now that we have a solid frame, its time to install the plywood. I screwed the plywood into the frames that we just installed for a very strong top. Then I cut out the area where the sink will be going and dry fit the sink to make sure it fits (it does - whew!).

So here we are with a plywood countertop with the sink cutout. The next step will be to install the cement board on top of the plywood so we have a surface to lay the tiles on. That should be done this weekend so stay tuned!

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