Thursday, September 9, 2010

House mission #2: Living Room

Mission statement: Make living room bigger,brighter and open into the dining room

How many hours: We have been working on the living room since day one. We only finished it last week. Many things that we did in the living room were a mulit step process. An example of this was the floor. Take the carpet up, take the tile up that was under the carpet, fill in the cement, lay the wood floor. You get the point.

What was learned: Chris learned how to put the wood floor down and Kristen learned how to sand dry wall. We both learned that its hard to decide where to put outlets!

Inspiration: This room was one of the rooms in the house that we didnt have buy anything. So we wanted to use what we had. We love our blue and brown rug from west elm, so that was the inspiration for this room. The living room also opens up into the dining room and the kitchen, so we need to pick colors that would flow from room to the next.

Big question..HOW MUCH?: We actually didnt buy much for this room. Paint, sheetrock for the ceiling, high-hats, some electrical supplies. Around $500. If you dont count the flooring.

Splurge: Ceiling. It was worth every penny!!! We didnt agree on this. Chris didnt want to take down the ceiling. It was a great choice and we are both very happy with the lighting and new ceiling. More about the ceiling HERE

Blue Carpet
Cream Walls
Wall up between Living room and Bedroom



Stay tuned, in our next post we will show you some "under construction" photos of the living room. It wasn't an easy process. We will also tell you more about the paint colors and floor.


  1. I just saw this on Before and After blog and I had to leave a comment! You guys did an awesome job, especially you Chris, what a guy! It just looks so beautiful. I love the house warming baskets, what a great idea.

  2. Oh and I hope you share the color of your walls, I love it!

  3. Well, let me be the 1st one here to say WOW!!!
    I scrolled up & down to try & figure out how it all fits.... it does not look at all, like the same space. Great job!!!
    ( stopping in from Better/After : )

  4. Your living room looks wonderful! Love your colors, window treatment, ceiling and your floors! They are all beautiful.

  5. It looks wonderful! I love your rug and your curtain (and the pillow matches too!) Do you mind sharing where you got them?

  6. Thanks everyone!!! We are so happy you found our blog! We are going to be doing a blog post shortly about where we did our shopping. Stay tuned.

    Also if you thought the living room was good... wait till you see the kitchen!!

    thanks again!

  7. This is beautiful! Great job transforming this space! :)

  8. Love it. great job. if you ever need new recipes come check out our blog. there is always a give away happening.

  9. Any updates on the paint color? I love the blue that you used-it's just the shade I'm looking for. I'm dying to know what it is!

  10. We listed the paint colors in this blog post-