Monday, September 13, 2010

Last week we have our Housewarming Party. We have a few more photos to share and some great housewarming gift ideas.

 We recieved so many generous gifts.  Here are two great gift ideas for new homeowners.

Harvest Basket
Filled with everything you need to decorate for the Fall- Dish towels, napkins rings, Candles, and a huge pumpkin bowl to hold Soup!
And so much more!!
Thanks Alicia!!!

New Homeowner Good Wishes Basket!
In this basket had a poem-

Every New Home should have...
BREAD- so you will never be hungry
WINE- so you will never be thirsty
A COIN- so you will never be poor
HONEY- for a sweet life and
SALT-  to add spice to it
A BROOM- to sweep away sorrow

Each item was represented, and the basket was lined with tea towels.
Very cute idea.
Thanks Larry and Roberta!

Thanks to all of our Friends and Family that came to our housewarming party!

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