Saturday, May 29, 2010

Planting some flowers was high on the priority list of things we wanted to do first. Since we know NOTHING about flowers and gardening, this year is going to be a major learning experience.

Here are the flowers we are "testing" this year:

Small little white and deep purple flowers, Fragrant, Low Spreading plant. This is ideal for garden's edge or in containers. They need sun or part sun. They grow 3-4" Tall. 

A fragrant light pink, eye catching flower. The need sun or part sun. They grow 10-12" tall. they seem to grow fast.

These are vibrant pink and white mix, large multi colored flowers. Used for backgrounds, and border. They need sun or part sun. They grow 36-48" tall. They are also a lot of fun to
photograph. They seem to have their own personalities. 

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