Thursday, June 30, 2011

We have about 1,000+ photos of all the work we have done in the house. And we are always taking more and more. We are now in the process of organizing all them. Its a hard task because we get caught of looking at the pictures and forget the task at hand. While organizing we came across some photos we took a year ago today. Its hard to believe we actually lived like this. It doesn't even feel like the same house. Its a  very surreal feeling. We also can not believe that we used our bathroom sink for three months to wash dishes. When did we have the time to do this?? Heres a look at the photos taken a year ago today.



Living Room/Dining Room/hallway:


It kinda makes us proud!

Chris and Kris

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  1. You guys did such a wonderful job! And not only are you great designers and visionaries but wonderful hosts! Can't wait for all the parties and memories we'll have from your first home!